Top 20 Hot French OnlyFans models in 2024

Top 20 Hot French OnlyFans models in 2024

Are you in search of the best OnlyFans accounts in France for 2024? Well, look no further! OnlyFans, the English-exclusive content platform, has been buzzing with activity for a while now.

From creators to influencers and models, everyone's been sharing their private photos and videos, accessible to their fans through monthly subscriptions.

Nowadays, it's on OnlyFans where gorgeous French women feel free to explore and express their sexuality without any inhibitions. But with so many profiles out there, how do you find the real ones?  We've got you covered with our handpicked selection of the top 20 French girl's accounts on OnlyFans!

And if you're itching to follow the hottest accounts without spending a dime, you're in luck! Our list features a mix of both paid and free accounts, ensuring there's something for everyone. 

1.Ava Addams

OnlyFans account:

The cherry on top of our list of top French OnlyFans accounts in 2024 is none other than Ava Addams, the well-known porn star. With over 2 million followers, this hot brunette captivates her audience with smokin’ photos and videos that showcase her goodies.

Ava knows how to keep her fans coming back for more with content that ranges from porn to sexy. As a special treat, new subscribers are welcomed with a free 'Mommy' video, adding a personal touch to her interactive platform.

For those looking to join her exclusive community, the subscription fee is a modest $7.99 per month, offering an open door to a world of exquisite and intimate experiences.

2. Prunette

OnlyFans account:

Get ready for Prunette, the spicy OnlyFans star serving up some serious 🔥 explicit nudity right on your timeline. With over 3000 pics and 300 vids already, her feed is a non-stop thrill ride of naughty content.

From erotic H/F and F/F action to squirting fun, solo adventures, JOI sessions, and playful games, she's got everything you crave! But that's not all—Prunette goes above and beyond, offering personalized ratings, sexting sessions, and custom content tailored just for you.

All this and more for just $19.99 a month! Plus, she's all about that engagement, making sure to reply to every single DM that slides into her inbox. Get ready to dive into Prunette's world of excitement and indulge in your wildest fantasies! 

3. Lexi Frenchteen

OnlyFans account:

Lexi Frenchteen, a 20-year-old gal from France, has totally blown up on OnlyFans as an awesome creator. Her premium account, at just $10 a month, is packed with over 1,500 videos and photos, ranging from classy nudity to some more explicit stuff.

But what really makes Lexi stand out is how she's all about that personal touch. She offers things like one-on-one video chats, sexting sessions, and even custom fetish content, making sure every subscriber gets exactly what they're into.

And it's not just about the content for Lexi—she's all about building real connections with her followers. She's super active in her community, always chatting with her fans, which really makes her platform feel like a chill hangout spot.

4. Audrey Shanice VIP

OnlyFans account:

Check it out: Audrey Shanice VIP, the French bombshell from OnlyFans, is ready to rock your world with her hot, uncensored content. Get in on the action with stunning photo shoots and videos that'll leave you craving more.

Just $9.99 a month unlocks the full Audrey experience. But it's not just about the pics and vids—Audrey's all about connecting with her fans. Whether it's shooting the breeze or sharing her latest escapades, she's all about adding that extra spice to your life. If you're after something hot and personal, Audrey's page is where it's at. Jump in and let the fantasy begin!

5. Matoushka

OnlyFans account:

Have you checked out Matoushka yet? She's your go-to tattooed sweetheart, now rocking it on OnlyFans for $9.99 a month! For over five years, she's been dishing out her spicy pics and personal moments daily. 

Step into her world of exclusive photos, videos, cool stories, and surprise extras that keep her 178K+ followers hooked. Newbies? You get a sweet welcome pack to kick things off! And hey, if you're all about deepening that connection, Matoushka's your girl. 

She's always up for a chat, hitting you back daily. Thinking long-term? Grab that lifetime subscription! You'll snag 5 videos, VIP club access, and exclusive content tailored just for you. Ready to start the fun? Slide into her DMs now!

6. Angelina Foster

OnlyFans account:

"A naughty and special girl that you’ll love to see more!" Angelina Foster's OnlyFans is where it all goes down. Enter into her world with loads of spicy photos and videos that are just too good to miss.

Fancy a chat? She's online every day, ready to make your fantasies come true with custom videos tailored just for you. The best part? The more you tip, the hotter the content gets!

Plus, if you really get into it and interact, you might just find some exclusive goodies in your DMs. Ready to join the fun? It’s $25 a month to subscribe. Trust me, it’s worth every penny to see what Angelina has in store!

7. Nathalie Andreani

OnlyFans account:

Nathalie Andreani, the ultimate cougar, is here to spice up your life in ways only she can. She's set her OnlyFans account to be the go-to place for those craving something unique and thrilling. At $19.99 a month, you get an all-access pass to her exclusive world.

Expect to find her in steamy scenes, whether she’s flying solo or teamed up, always pushing the envelope with her bold and seductive content. Nathalie’s wardrobe ranges from nothing at all to fine lingerie and sleek leather, setting the stage for every fantasy.

With over 90K followers, she’s a hit on social media too, always engaging and ready to explore your deepest desires. Drop her a line, and who knows, she might just make your dreams come true. Check her out on Instagram at nathalie_andreani_lavilla2 and snap at Nathaliesecret8. Don’t miss out, she’s waiting!

8. Nikita Bellucci

OnlyFans account:

Nikita Bellucci just had to make our list of the hottest French OnlyFans creators. Coming straight out of France, this brunette bombshell is a real knockout.

With a subscription fee of $15 a month, you get to see why she's not just another pretty face but also an AVN Awards winner and a XBIZ nominee. Nikita is known for her stunning looks and killer content that keeps her fans coming back for more. Whether she's in front of the camera as a cam girl or lighting up your feed with exclusive pics and videos, she's the real deal.

Her playful and engaging style makes her stand out in the crowded world of online adult entertainment. So, if you're looking for someone who brings both glam and game to the table, Nikita Bellucci is your go-to gal on OnlyFans.

9. Lexi

OnlyFans account:

Hot French girl on OnlyFans, Lexi never imagined she'd end up here, but here she is, breaking out of her shy, innocent shell in society to let loose online. True to her nolife gamer roots, she's got a quirky edge you'll want to subscribe for. 

Her OnlyFans is a mix of cosplay, with a spicy twist of hentai, quirky personal anecdotes, and her ever-adorable, chunky cat. Her platform is like an open book, full of playful banter and unique insights, placing her in the top 0.45% of creators globally. All this excitement is yours for $20 a month. 

With a fanbase of over 160K, she’s often live, sharing her gaming strategies or just catching up with fans. Though single, she’s playfully on the lookout for her “prince charming.”

10. Liza del Sierra

OnlyFans account:

Let me introduce you to Liza del Sierra, the French model captivating audiences on OnlyFans. For a small monthly fee of around $15, you gain access to her dynamite of content: over 1400 photos and over 400 videos that promise to excite. 

While some might balk at the idea of paying, the quality and quantity of Liza's offerings make every penny worth it.

It's not just about the visuals; it's about the connection she fosters with her audience, creating a sense of camaraderie and excitement. So, if you're ready to immerse yourself in a world of sensuality and allure, Liza's OnlyFans page awaits your subscription.

11. Sofia Laroche

OnlyFans account:

Check out Sofia Laroche's free OnlyFans account, straight from France! At 21, she's the girl-next-door with a naughty twist. Don’t let her small stature fool you; she packs a little surprise that keeps her 175K fans coming back for more. A student by day, Sofia turns up the heat at night, promising her body has all the right moves to drive you wild.

And here's the kicker: subscribing is totally free! Sofia's all about keeping things spicy and loves to chat—expect her to be online all day, ready to dive into some real magic in the DMs. Her content? A blend of solo and BG videos, playful toy adventures, and just about everything you’d hope for.

Sofia's the perfect blend of sweet and saucy, always eager to spice up your life. Whether you’re looking for some light chat or something a bit more intense, she's often online waiting to get to know you better.

12. Nuy

OnlyFans account:

Nuy is a hot OnlyFans model from France who claims the title of the best naughty virtual girlfriend on the platform. As of 2024, her OnlyFans account showcases a wide range of NSFW and lewd++ content, including role-play and fetish themes, catered to over 69K followers.

She expresses a fondness for creating this type of provocative content because it brings joy to her audience. Upon subscribing for $12.99 per month, followers gain access to a tips menu filled with additional exclusive items for purchase.

Nuy's platform is unique as it is the only place where she engages directly with fans through DMs, ensuring a more personalized interaction. She looks forward to welcoming new subscribers with the promise of sexy, explicit content and assures a refund policy to ensure subscriber satisfaction.

13. Helene Marchenoire

OnlyFans account:

Next on our top French models on OnlyFans in 2024 is Helene, your favorite French girl. She's not holding anything back with direct access to over 350 photos and 200 hot videos for $14.90 per month—absolutely no paywalls to worry about!

Only exclusive content here, folks. We’re talking full-on lesbian action, double blowjobs, and some solo sessions that’ll blow your mind. Helene keeps things fresh with a new post every week. If you’re looking for the real spicy stuff, she’s got it.

From sultry nudes to mind-bending vids, Helene makes sure you get your money's worth and then some. Join her and let this French beauty take you on a playful jurney!

14. Dxrkee

OnlyFans account:

One of the sexiest blondes on OnlyFans, Dxrkee, is a virtual French girl serving up spicy content that's strictly NSFW and for those 18 and over.

With a staggering archive of over 1,500 posts, you're guaranteed fresh eye candy every single day. Whether you're into flirty photos or naughty  videos, she's got it all. Slide into her DMs or just sit back and enjoy the regular updates.

Want in on the fun? It's $15.99 a month to subscribe. With a fanbase of over 90,000 subscribers and growing, it's clear she's cooking up something right. Join the party and see what all the fuss is about!

15. Lina Luxa

OnlyFans account:

🔥 Hot OnlyFans model from France is totally rocking it! If you’re into some serious adult fun, you gotta check her out. Adult content! 🔞 It’s $25 a month, but man, is it worth every penny. 

She’s got over 74K subscribers already, and that number just keeps getting bigger. Lina's always up to something naughty and nice, delivering exclusive pics and vids that’ll blow your mind.

Whether it’s her sultry selfies or those wild behind-the-scenes glimpses, she’s all about giving her fans a real treat. Step into Lina’s world and see why everyone’s talking about her!

16. Krokodeal

OnlyFans account:

Paris, France is lighting up with Krokodeal's OnlyFans, where she's serving up exclusive nude content that's classy and teasing đź–¤. For $10 a month, you dive into a world with over 1.5K posts that promise to keep things fresh and exciting without stepping into hardcore porn.

Krokodeal knows how to keep things spicy, offering just the right mix of mystery and allure. Her content is a hit if you’re into high-quality, tasteful nudes that feel personal and are crafted with care.

Subscribers can't get enough of her playful and intimate vibe, making her one of the must-follow creators if you appreciate beauty served with a side of sophistication. Join her fanbase and see what the buzz is all about!


OnlyFans account:

ALISSA VIP is a hot French girl lighting up OnlyFans like nobody’s business! With a subscription of just $4.99 per month, you'll get exclusive access to over 200 posts.

That's right—this sexy brunette is serving looks and vibes that have already racked up over 46K likes! She’s got everything from sexy selfies to behind-the-scenes clips that'll keep you coming back for more.

Always flirty and a bit naughty, ALISSA knows how to keep things interesting. Whether it's her stunning photos or jaw-dropping videos, she’s sure to spice up your feed. Don’t miss out on the fun—join the party and let ALISSA VIP show you how it's done!

18. Clem

OnlyFans account:

Meet Clem, your favorite alt girlfriend đź–¤. What you'll find here is nothing short of exhilarating. Daily porn content that keeps things fresh and exciting—totally freebies too, with loads of photos and videos just waiting for you. 

And guess what? You get unlimited chats with Clem herself! Enjoy sexting adventures or explore your kinks with bondage, dominant/submissive roles, JOI, cock rating, and so much more.

 Whether you're into boy/girl scenes, anal play, cosplay or just looking for that personal touch, Clem’s got it all. Her OnlyFans is a playground for those who dare to enjoy the edgier side of things for $12.99 /month. Come see why she’s everyone’s top pick in the alt scene!

19. Frenchmelle

OnlyFans account:

Check out Frenchmelle, an OnlyFans sensation straight from France! Subscribe for $15 a month and see why over 49K folks have smashed that like button.

Frenchmelle knows how to keep it real and sultry, posting all sorts of goodies that’ll keep you hooked. From stunning photos to heart-racing videos, she brings the charm and the steam of France right to your screen. Always playful and engaging, Frenchmelle makes sure her fans get a personal experience.

Whether you’re into flirty chats or just enjoying her creative content, there’s always something new to discover. Don’t miss out on the fun—subscribe and dive into the captivating world of Frenchmelle!

20. Eve Owl

OnlyFans account:

Last but definitely not least on our list of top OnlyFans accounts in France is Eve Owl. No porn on the feed, but don't worry—Eve keeps it enticing with erotic pictures that showcase her amazing peach and those fascinating feet shots.

Looking for more? She's got sextapes available as additional content. Subscribe for $18 a month and get exclusive access to this sexy French girl's playful and provocative side. Eve knows exactly how to keep things spicy and interesting, making sure that her followers are always engaged and eager for more.

Whether you're here for the artful tease or the sexy extras, Eve Owl's page is the place to be. Explore and enjoy Eve's unique charm!

That's our list of some of the hottest French models on OnlyFans in 2024. With different talents and styles, these French beauties have charmed and thrilled their audience worldwide. So, explore their accounts, and perhaps discover your new favorite. Until next time, keep enjoying these awesome girls.